Tat2NutLite 20 Pack


Tat2NutLite contains a blend of skin rejuvenating ingredients. Formulated to heal tattoos just right. The cream absorbs quickly and deeply into skin. This rapid absorption means you only need a minimal amount. Leaving the skin feeling hydrated, but not greasy or sticky.

Artists always advise against too much sun on tattooed skin. But, if you do sunbathe and get burnt skin, Tat2NutLite is a great after sun soother to calm skin and reduce redness.


30ml Airless Pump

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Apply direct to the finished tattoo. Dramatically reduces itching, dryness, scabbing and helps to maintain colour.

On fresh tattoos: apply two to three times a day until healed; typically, in three to five days.

On an ongoing basis: apply once or twice a week. This will help to maintain colour and definition of tattoos for years to come.


Pack of 20