Pro range for Vegan Tattoo Artists


Get more than just award-winning Vegan tattoo products for your studio

The fine art of tattoistry is only heightened when an artist is dedicated to a fully vegan process and experience for their clients. We have the highest respect for veganism and the extra mile vegan tattoo artists go to in order to ensure their customers can get inked without compromising their dedication to cruelty-free, plant-based living. 


In fact, we’re so impressed with the work being done by vegan tattoo studios, shops, and artists we crafted a professional range of vegan tattoo aftercare products to support them in their work. The Tat2Nutwork (like a network, but vegan) brings together amazingly talented tattoo artists from all walks of life. The one thing they all have in common is a dedication to the pursuit of their animal-friendly art. 


Build a wider audience and greater appreciation for your art by joining the network and taking advantage of our amazing range of professional tattoo care products…

Award-winning Vegan products

We’re proud to say that Tat2Nut is an award-winning product. Our vegan tattoo cream pipped the competition to the proverbial post in 2021 to win Janey Loves Platinum’s Best Specialist Skincare Award.

Be part of our network

We don’t sponsor artists and studios. We don’t have elite artists or tie you to contracts. We do just supply you with good quality aftercare. If you stock or use our products we will add you to our network and promote you on our website. We have retail opportunities with wholesale products and point of sale collateral for you to use in your studio.

Get in touch with us to find out more about us and our products. 

Tat2Nut’s Pro Range…

Ready for a whole new world of vegan tattoo care? Our professional range of products is exactly what you – and your clients – need!

Tat2Nut ProBalm Process Balm
Tat2Nut ProBalm Process Cream

Tat2Nut contains Baobab oil, plus a unique blend of skin rejuvenating ingredients.


Artists report up to 20% longer sitting times. Meaning they can complete tattoos quicker than normal. Reducing the need for extra appointments.


The main reasons artists switch to Tat2nut ProBalm is because its anti-inflammatory properties reduce redness, soothes and calms the skin and improves customer experience. And, it goes a long way!


Tat2Nut ProBalm is available in 200ml tubs.


Tat2Nut Lite.

Tattoo premium aftercare 10ml pots available exclusively to Tat2Nut studios


We aim to drive more clients to artists and studios. Creating products and services that help to set them apart from their competitors.

Our Pro Range also includes combo wash and aftercare point-of-sale packs, and latex-free matt tattoo film with more products in the pipeline.

Tat2Nut Lite Rapid Repair Tattoo Aftercare Cream

What makes our Vegan tattoo range so special?

The secret to Tat2Nut’s power is the all-natural magic of the Baobab tree. We’ve harnessed all the natural potential of oil found within the baobab tree, and used it as the base for our entire range of vegan tattoo products. This seemingly simple natural ingredient comes with a lot of astonishing benefits thanks to its hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic properties.