Vegan Skincare: How To Care For Your Skin In A Cruelty-Free Way

Awareness of climate change is increasing. There is a growing concern for the planet’s wellbeing. And more and more people are changing their habits. How we live has a huge impact on the planet’s well-being. By making a few simple changes we can reduce our impact on the environment.

If you love animals and want to make greener choices in life, veganism is an option. If you’ve been looking into this you’ve probably already heard about vegan alternatives to your skincare routine.

Finding vegan skincare products has become significantly easier than it used to be. Yet it still isn’t an easy task to find effective skincare that’s cruelty-free. If nothing else, it’s going to require you to pay closer attention to the ingredients in your products. 

Find out everything you need to know about your new vegan skincare routine…

Vegan Skincare: How To Care For Your Skin In A Cruelty-Free Way Tat2Nut Award Winning Vegan Tattoo Aftercare Cream

Vegan, Cruelty-Free Or Organic? 

When talking about skincare many people are appalled to see the adjective “vegan” applied to their favourite moisturiser. It’s never occurred to them that their regular products contain animal produce. But in reality, far more products than we care to imagine contain animal-based ingredients. With the definition “vegan skincare” we mean skincare products that don’t involve the use of any animal product or byproduct. That might be milk, honey, lanolin, or even retinol. In addition, vegan skincare items have not been tested on animals. 

Cruelty-Free, on the other hand, is just a definition for beauty products whose ingredients are not tested on animals. While there are many cruelty-free skincare products, these are not always vegan. Even if they are not tested on animals, they could still contain animal-based ingredients.

And what about organic products?

Well, it’s easy to confuse them with the others. An organic certification just means that the product or its ingredients are produced in a certain way. This is usually without involving certain chemicals or pesticides. 

Avoiding these damaging substances is certainly better for the environment. But organic products do not necessarily exclude ingredients derived from animal or their byproducts. 

Why Switch To Vegan Products For Your Skincare?

Switching to a beauty routine that doesn’t come at the expense of other living beings is the obvious advantage here. But that isn’t the only benefit for you (not to mention the planet). Here are six great reasons to switch to a vegan skincare routine…

#1 It Has A Positive Impact On The Environment

It’s been proven that animal-based industries are a primary contributor to air and water pollution. This causes significant damage to the environment. The process of farming animals leads to heavy deforestation and harmful emissions of gases and chemicals. Vegan products heavily on all-natural production processes that don’t involve animal farming and are respectful of nature’s rhythms. 

By switching to a vegan skincare routine you will help decrease emissions, contribute to replenishing the oceans, and save rainforests. 

Not bad for something that also has a lot of other perks, like…

#2 Plant-Based Ingredients Are Healthier 

Nature is one of our greatest allies. And that is one of the most important reasons to protect it. 

Many naturally sourced products commonly used in a skincare routine have incredible properties that can seriously improve your skin.

Generally speaking, plant-based ingredients are richer in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Ingredients derived from animals frequently require the addition of products or chemicals to achieve the desired effect. 

With natural, plant-based ingredients, your skin will have more results with less. You won’t need to use harsh chemicals. These can cause severe allergic reactions. You’re also minimising your exposure to harmful pesticides.

#3 Every Skin Type Can Benefit From It

One of the main reasons for switching to vegan products is that they’re extremely beneficial on all skin types. Sensitive skin is especially vulnerable to allergins. If you have sensitivities or allergies, it’s best to use vitamin-rich ingredients that are well tolerated. 

Plant-based ingredients are 100% natural and free from pesticides and chemicals. They don’t need additional ingredients that could have unpleasant effects such as allergic reactions, dry skin, and rashes. 

Whatever your skincare goal is, nature can provide you with all the necessary ingredients to bring you the best results.

#4 Your Skincare Routine Doesn’t Harm Animals

During the last few years, an increasing number of people decided to switch to a vegan lifestyle to avoid exploiting animals. 

But while it can be easier to eliminate animal products from our diet, most of the ingredients that are used by the beauty and skincare industry go unnoticed. 

Changing your skincare routine to a vegan one will spare the suffering and abuse of countless animals whose products are completely unnecessary for your beauty and wellbeing. By choosing a vegan skincare you will enjoy your moisturiser – or tattoo oil- without feeling guilty about the suffering that it might have caused somebody else.

#5 It’s Affordable

One of the most frequent objections to vegan products is that they are expensive, while common products aren’t.

After all, eco-friendly and organic commodities tend to cost more than others, right? Well, this isn’t always the case. 

Nowadays it’s possible to find a vegan skincare routine that’s suitable for every budget. True, generally speaking, it won’t be as cheap as the cheapest products you can find in the supermarket, but the ingredients are produced in a more sustainable way and the quality -and benefits!- is much higher.

With a vegan skincare routine, you will truly be able to have more for less!

#6 It’s More Appealing 

This is the final reason, but, truly it could be enough to switch to a vegan routine right on the spot.

Many of the most commonly used animal products by the beauty industry aren’t appealing, to say the least. Some of them sound actually incredibly disgusting (like collagen and elastin, which come from animal bones) and are less beneficial than their plant-based counterparts. 

Some Of The Best All Vegan Ingredients To Include In Your Skincare…

Nature, in its diversity and incredible richness, offers a wide variety of plants with countless benefits for your beauty routine and zero guilt. Whether you are looking for a tattoo healing aftercare or a moisturiser to use in your everyday life, you can safely rely on the help of plants. Some of the most effective, all-vegan beauty solutions available include:

#1 Bakuchiol

Retinol is one of the most famous ingredients in beauty products. But as effective as it is in reducing dark circles under your eyes, it’s also an animal byproduct. While trying to find a plant-based replacement for it, scientists re-discovered one of Asia’s most ancient plants: psoralea corylifolia – better known as babchi. This plant naturally releases the vegan alternative to retinol, bakuchiol, which is even more beneficial -and less irritating- than the original one.

#2 Baobab Oil

Baobab oil is one of the best examples of how natural, ancient resources can improve the quality of our beauty routines. The natural components in baobab oil lend it countless uses. Packed with Vitamins A, D, E, F, and Omega 3. it’s an exceptional moisturiser. It’s also an efficient aid for problematic skin conditions and scars.

#3 Aloe Vera

We all know about the wonders that Aloe Vera can do on your skin after a bad sunburn. But there’s literally no limit to the benefits that this plant can bring to your routine. Aloe Vera can soothe inflammation, clear acne and have a rejuvenating effect… All while being completely vegan and cruelty-free.

#4 Literally Most Of The Fruit And Plants That You Can Find

Most of the products that we consume are also valuable beauty allies. Think about coffee, used to make facial scrubs and reduce celulite. And what about red berries, which have natural antioxidant properties. 

Nature is an incredible resource for our health and our beauty. Starting a journey to protect the environment is the best way to make sure that we can continue benefiting from its amazing products.

How To Choose The Best Vegan Skincare…

When opting for a new lifestyle it’s important to give yourself time to learn. Find what’s best for you and for the environment.

For example, many of the products that are advertised as vegan on popular websites aren’t, in fact, vegan. 

Vegan products usually have a recognisable logo on the package. This tells you it doesn’t contain animal products and hasn’t been tested on animals. 

Of course, a product can be vegan without being branded as such. But if you are unsure take a look at the list of the ingredients and components and see if it fits the description.

Be careful, as there are many ingredients – like carmine or shellac- that you might not know are animal-derived. 

One of the best ways to choose the best products for your skin is to browse the internet looking for vegan influencers or bloggers that write about beauty. Find out what they think the best products around are and then give it a try.

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Love The Planet, Love Your Skin

Start a journey where beauty doesn’t involve another living creature’s suffering. Nature can be the answer to all of your skin’s issues!

Find out more about our baobab oil-based products and discover our planet’s true beauty.