Cover Up Tattoos: How To Use A New Piece Of Art To Heal Old Scars

Scars can have different meanings to different people. While some might think of them as a badge of honour. Others tend to feel uncomfortable in showing them in public. This is especially true if these scars are the result of a prolonged illness or trauma. They can trigger unpleasant memories or even contribute to making a person extremely self-conscious. If you have scars that bother you, transform them into a work of art with a cover up tattoo.

Plastic surgery can offer many solutions to minimise the appearance of certain types of scars. But you might not want to undergo any surgical procedures. Even if you do, the results may not be what you hoped for.

If you like tattoos and enjoy the thought of having a new piece of art, opting for a cover up for scars can be the best option…


Why Get A Cover Up Tattoo To Hide Your Scars?

There are many reasons as to why you might have a scar. Generally speaking, though, a scar is the proof of a traumatic event -like an injury- that you have survived. But why choose to get a cover up tattoo?

#1 You Want To Commemorate What You’ve Gone Through

Getting a tattoo over a scar can commemorate the events that brought you to have a scar. This is especially if you’ve battled with cancer or depression. You might want to turn the visible signs of your illness into monuments to your resilience. To give them a more comprehensive meaning.

It’s common to get cover up designs that carry the symbols of the illness you have survived. Or they might have an exorcising effect and help you shift some unpleasant memories into better ones.

#2 You Want To Reduce The Scar’s Visibility

You don’t like showing scars and you might feel embarrassed by having to tell their story. Hiding them under a well-executed tattoo seems like the most sensible thing to do. One thing you can do to reduce your scars, tattoos are one of the most effective and less expensive. Plus, tattoos are beautiful!

#3 It Would Make You Feel More Confident

If you’ve battled a prolonged illness you may have visible scars and signs. You might not feel as confident as you once did. Finding a way of loving yourself and your body again can take some time and hard work. Many find that getting a tattoo to cover up scars is one of the best things that you can do. It can help you regain confidence.  After all, tattoos are amazing decorations and incredible works of art that can help boost your confidence. 

#4 You Love Tattoos

This is always the best reason why you should get a tattoo, whether you have a traumatic scar or not. If you have a scar that you particularly like, a new tattoo may be the best option. You love tattoos and, after all, this is just an excuse to get a shiny new piece. 


How Effective Are Cover Up Tattoos?

A cover up tattoo is extremely effective in reducing the visibility of scars and stretch marks. But it’s not an easy process. 

Quite understandably, before getting your new tattoo you will need to have your scars assessed by an experienced tattoo artist. If they were the result of a surgical procedure, by the surgeon that performed the operation.

Keep in mind that not all types of scars can be tattooed. In some cases, you might have to wait longer before getting your tattoo done.

Is It More Painful Getting A Cover Up Than A Normal Tattoo?

Tattoos are painful. There’s no use in hiding the truth! 

If you’ve had other pieces that didn’t cover scars, you may wonder if it feels different. Is it going to be more painful?

Generally speaking, scar tissue might be more delicate. You might feel more pain while getting a tattoo to cover a scar. It depends on various factors; where the scar is located, if you’ve experienced nerve damage in that area, and so on. 

It is not uncommon for a scar to get seriously inflamed during a tattoo. The skin of a scar is new, unlike the rest of your skin, which has toughened up as it aged.

What Types Of Scars Can Be Covered With A Tattoo?

There are many types of scars, usually depending on what caused them. In every case a tattoo artist will want to check on the area before your first session. They will be able to assess if you can be tattooed safely or not.

The most common types of scars are: 

Hypertrophic Scars

This kind of scar is usually the result of a superficial injury or a mild burn. They can heal effectively over one year’s time.

Keloid Scars

These scars usually can come from serious injuries or specific skin conditions which cause the skin to heal that way. They have a pretty thick consistency. It takes about 5 years for them to fully heal before you can get them tattooed.

Atrophic Scars

These scars are located below the skin surface. One of the most common examples of these kinds of scars are stretch marks or chickenpox marks. They can be tattooed pretty easily after they’re properly healed.


How To Prepare Your Skin For Your Next Tattoo…

Getting a tattoo is not an easy business and you always want to be prepared before getting a new piece. This is especially true when covering up a scar. To prepare yourself and your skin we’ve compiled a list of helpful things to do before your next tattoo…

#1 Give Your Skin Some Lovin’

Taking care of your skin is essential. This is even truer when you enjoy getting tattoos. Before every new piece, you should prepare your skin with natural, organic products, like our Tat2Nut range

All of our aftercare products can also be used to prepare your skin, thanks to baobab oil’s natural healing properties.

#2 Assess Your Healing Process

Before booking an appointment with your favourite tattooist, make sure they can safely tattoo your scar. Seek medical advice and talk to your tattoo artist. Check that your scar has sufficiently healed to allow you to get it covered.

#3 Find The Right Artist

This is the essential process for every tattoo. Make sure that your skin is in the best of hands. If it’s your first piece and you are unsure about who to ask, it might be worth browsing the internet. Find out what style you like best, and who the best artist for that style is in your area. You may want to travel further afield to have your favourite artist. It all depends on the kind of design and style that you have in mind!

#4 Discuss The Design

The design is the most important part of every new tattoo. It embodies the message that you want to give the world with it. When covering up a scar that is the result of traumatic events, you might want to choose a design that can incorporate some of the aspects of your experience through specific symbols or colours.

But you could even just want something that looks fancy and whose style you find appealing. 

Remember that most tattoo artists specialise in specific styles. If you have already know what you want it’s best to find an artist that can satisfy you.

Our Suggestion…

If you have scars that are causing you to feel uncomfortable about your appearance there are many options available. Whether you just want to minimise its appearance or fully conceal it, start by taking good care of your skin.

Discover our award-winning range of vegan skincare products. They are naturally rich in vitamins and fatty acids,. This significantly helps your skin heal before and after getting a new cover up tattoo done.