Did you hear about our award winning tattoo cream?

Tat2Nut is the only vegan specific tattoo aftercare cream, filled with the benefits of Baobab oil.

What is better than an excellent vegan tattoo aftercare product?

An excellent vegan tattoo aftercare product that won a Janey Loves Platinum Award for Best Specialist Skincare of 2021! 

Yes! We are incredibly proud to announce that Tat2Nut, our vegan tattoo cream, was awarded with such a prestigious award that traces its roots back to Janey Lee Grace’s love for natural beauty.

We would like to thank our customers for voting for us and allowing us to participate in this exciting and challenging competition.

So, who decided we deserved an award?

The Janey Loves Platinum Award has been setting a standard in organic and sustainable natural beauty and lifestyle products for the last decade, helping its audience to shop more consciously.

That’s why winning this award holds a great significance for our brand and, above all, for our mission. We want to keep raising awareness about the countless qualities and advantages of purchasing eco-friendly and vegan products, and being paired with a key influencer such as Janey Lee Grace in this is one of our greatest honours.   

Starting her blog, Imperfectly Natural, with the intention of provoking her audience into thinking about the possibilities of a better and more conscious lifestyle, Janey Lee Grace has quickly become an authority in everything that promotes a greener concept of beauty.

How we created an award winning tattoo cream

We started our journey with Tat2Nut two years ago with similar intentions, rethinking all concepts of skincare, and we decided to develop our products knowing that beauty and wellness can’t come at our environment’s expenses. 


When we first began thinking about our own vegan product we knew from the start that we didn’t want to compromise launching something that was just “vegan-friendly”. We wanted to create a vegan specific product


Most beauty companies develop their vegan lines by using shea and coconut butter as their base, and while these ingredients are incredibly good as a moisturising base, they don’t have any specific healing property.


Being passionate and motivated we started doing our research and we came across one of the best elixirs that Nature has to offer: Baobab.

The magical benefits of Baobab Oil

This incredibly majestic African tree, which you might have heard of after reading “The Little Prince”, has countless phytotherapeutic uses.


What we use as a base and main ingredient for Tat2Nut is the oil that is extracted from the Baobab’s seeds.


Baobab oil is rich in antioxidants, omega fatty acid, has been proven to have incredible wound healing properties, and can efficiently shield your skin from all adverse external factors such as cold, wind and heat.


Choosing the right vegan tattoo aftercare cream following a new tattoo is just as important as selecting the right artist. We believe that incorporating the benefits of Baobab oil into your tattoo will make it a true masterpiece.


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